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Review SOM K-2 Black Series

SOM Smart Microphone condenser K-2 Black Series

Product details : Condenser microphone with power supply and built-in pre-mic (power supply 9 volts) that can directing connect with other devices. It can be connected directly to the computer or connected via SOM Analog SIM. Moreover, feature of this model is the capability to record any VDO clip by directing connects to your smart phone. It can receive a wide range of frequency and high mass of wave. K-2 is suitable for making demo music or VDO clip.

Characteristics of Smart Microphone Condenser K-2 :

  • 100% Aluminium shield
  • Large diaphragm condenser
  • Anti-DC Feedback current
  • High gain/high output impedance
  • Boot current, 9 volt battery
  • Transformerless
  • SOM Analog SIM (Direct monitoring)
  • Best quality of sound wave

Review SOM Smart Microphone K-2 : There will be a live performance of sound. There is also USB SIM that simulates the sound of SOM Analog P-3 come in digital format. It is available for recording guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, or even on the phone, through the conversion of SOM’s adapter. Moreover, there are many premiums such as screwdriver, shock mount and K-2 working video tutorial CD.

SOM Smart Microphone K-2 made of chrome-plated steel and black. There will be a live performance of sound and also adds functionality to wider use by the smart phone can be connected directly through SOM’s adapter. In addition, there are many premiums such as screwdriver, shock mount and K-2 working video tutorial CD.

Usually, the microphone is generally not designed to be used for recording. It is designed to be used for karaoke or outdoor use. Microphone from the computer, it is designed for use with chat programs such as Skype, which has a very low rate of S/N (signal per noise ratio). From the above, it can cause electrical and environmental noise easily. In addition, the sound that comes out, it will low quality. In contrast, SOM’s microphone has been designed to be used to record audio directly. This will solve the problems that arise from the recording such as electrical and environmental noise and low quality of sound. The solution is made possible by boosting power instead of pressure which makes the sound quality. It also uses high output high impedance technology which reduces hissing sounds from the recording by using battery as an energy source and signal wires, aluminum foil shield to prevent electromagnetic interference. It use 1 inch diameter diaphragm as a voice receiver which makes a wide range of sounds, but also to maintain the original sound quality and use ic old stock as well as a tube amplifier that makes it sound smoother.

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