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SOMThailand: Made from Musicians to the Musicians

Who we are…
SOMThailand is manufacturer of audio recording made in Thailand. The internal circuitry is handmade which 100% quality control by assembling and testing every product by our technician (Mr.Lek; co-founder of SOM Thailnd). Our products were carefully created with good intentions and all parts were carefully screened in order to meet the intend of two founders that to produce the high quality of audio recording equipment with an affordable price.

SOM (Sound Optimization Management) was founded by 2 brothers who love music since there were studied at high school. Due to their hometown is in rural area, music instrument were rarely to find. At that time, the easiest music instrument that they can be finding is guitar. So, they were gathered their friends to go to the city to played the music in music room. However, due to the crazy about music, these 2 brothers were tried to created music instrument from household materials such as guitar, bass guitar, and drums for playing with their friends. Even they got the more experience, they written lyric and rhythm for their own songs. When they were studied in university, older brother was studied the bachelor degree in microbiology and the master degree in resource management while younger brother was studied the bachelor degree in electrical engineering (first class honor).

Due to they got some experience from playing music and making their own songs, they got the idea to make their own demo song. Unfortunately, they were known nothing about demo song production, so they taken for a long time to study and practice. At the first time, they made their own demo song by using laptop, microphone (100฿ or about 3$), and the guitar. Their first demo was just the song that is not good. However, with love in music they made decision to buy some instrument and set it as a little home studio in their house and seriously making their songs. Due to the experience in music production for over time, they got the weakness and strength of the home studio instrument. In this point, they got the idea to develop these instruments by themselves instead of using imported instrument that expensive.

To give the opportunity for other music lover like them, they were intended to develop and produce instrument for home studio which are condenser microphone and pre-guitar. They worked hard to produce and improve the quality of these products for the better result. Finally, they got it. They were tried to recording their song by using their own products. They tested the quality, durability, stability of the products until they were sure that these products can be sold. For the question why have to be these 2 products, the answer is condenser microphone is an essential instrument for audio recording such as guitar and vocal voice for the best result and same as much as true tone of the real sound. In addition, it can be easily to use with computer without the connection with other devices. This condenser microphone is not only use for demo song production but also can be use for video or audio recording to upload on the internet which is popular in the cyber world. For pre-guitar, it was made for solve audio delaying problem without supporter such as audio interface or sound card. Moreover, pre-guitar can be clearly improving the sound of guitar to be more mass and clear.

We greatly hope that our products will be helping you who love in music like us to produce your songs easily and no need the expensive instruments.

Best regard SOM’s founder and developer

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