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How to be SOMThailand

How to be SOMThailand

SOMThailand was founded by 2 brothers who concentrate to develop and carefully control the quality of their products which then resulted in well-known of brand SOMThailand


All products of SOM were carefully tested with many devices prior to deliver to our customer with 100% damage warranty from shipping


More than a half of SOM’s packaging were reduced. May be it’s a time to restock again.


High quality of plastics were carefully puncture to be part of SOM’s product


Using of Lead free clean solder which is non-polluting and non-toxic to man.


Carefully in every steps of production by putting gloves to prevent circuit board from sweat.


Also be carefully in trimming step to make a neat circuit board


Be sure that all spare parts and circuit were quality tested


Using of hot blower to set some part


Easily board holder which Mr.Lek was created for added ease of production. It made from mini microphone stand and paper clip.


This electric solder iron is used for SOM production for a long time


Cleaning of electric solder iron is an essential step to make a perfect circuit board


SOM’s spare parts were kept in orderly for easy to use


All of circuit board were passed the quality control from SOM technician


Some part of power box was designed and tested for the best quality


Forceps is an easy tool for handing a tiny part in order to prevent a damage of handing


Cutting of every sticker and SOM brand were carefully cut with heart


Many tools for cutting, handing, or adding which suitable for each steps of production


Due to the ordering both from Thailand and other countries, our storage room seem to be too small


All puncture work of SOM were made by this machine


Due to variety of sound wave analysis and simulation, SOM can continuously produce and develop many premium products

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