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How to order

How to order

** For oversea order only ** (For Lao PDR, please contact with SOM Dealer)

1 Provide your information including;

  • Name-Surname*
  • Company’s Name*
  • Address*
  • City*
  • Country*
  • Postal Code*
  • Email*
  • Phone contact*

(* Important information)

in SOM Thailand Facebook inbox ( or e-mail

2 Waiting for reply from the shop to informed the link for payment.

3 Click on the link to complete your payment

4 Inform your payment including the amount and time of your payment to the shop via SOM Thailand Facebook inbox ( or e-mail

5 The goods will be sent to the customer after we have checked your balance transferred information. After the goods are exported, customer will receive an email and mobile sms to identify the link to check the status of product throughout transportation.

6. Products will be delivered to customer within 20-30 days or later due to customs regulations.

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